Good Forms for Better Living




At Service Brown, formerly known as Modern Artifacts, we've dedicated the last 25 years to presenting what we consider exceptional examples of postwar art and design.



With the help of experienced vendors with whom we have worked for many years, we balance professional conservation with genuine patina and period-appropriate choices.

Furniture pieces conceived by revered designers, some manufactured by well respected brands, others crafted in house and still others the fruit of lesser known craftsman and even marvels of unknown origin all have a place in our inventory.  In every case our items are-not only vetted-but also carefully restored to their former luster and usefulness.

Art deemed relevant or in some manner vital and executed with a level of rigor or panache is presented with an eye toward proper conservation and uncompromising framework for immediate use.






Having stated the obvious, we would add for some customers who are familiar with design that maybe it's time they took art a bit more seriously and traded in a design poster for an oil on canvas.  

And for avid art collectors, we wonder if it isn't time to clear out a bit of the collection landslide-a rarified form of unchecked consumption-and more thoughtfully consider the interior space as a whole.  To that end we would suggest to art enthusiasts to take more seriously the furniture choices they have made-to consider how the seating and tables and storage solutions relate to the art and-as important-the architecture of their home.

We make it our mission to help assemble not only a fresh and challenging interior but also a balanced look in a naturalized setting- a part of the world where one can turn down the volume and escape-if only for a moment-from a world dominated by offensive advertising, oppressive car culture and irritating smart phone zombies.  It can be a jungle out there.









Despite our focus on postwar items, our inventory stretches beyond mid-century modern.

The search for objects offering structural integrity, artistic vision and historical significance-what we have referred to as "modern artifacts"- pushes us forward into the postmodern era and rearward into early modern.










No matter the period, our inventory is geared against short sighted consumption of compromised design and unconsidered art.

We have no patience for items presented as affordable alternatives to a "costlier" investment in quality.

Our expertise is built on years of considered conservation. 

We are unmoved and unimpressed by the business model where goods are dropped onto the conveyer belt of commerce and offered "as is," or in, "all original condition" or with the currently popular caveat, "wear consistent with age." 















Too often, we "consumers," ultimately, not only "get what we pay for," but pay for what we get.

We pay to own it.  We pay to fix it.  That failing, we pay to sell it-or "recycle" it.  Then we pay to replace it and start all over again.

Such destructive "choices," promote environmental degradation, needless cost and, frankly, bad interiors.





At Service Brown, we also question excessive reliance upon new manufacturing and thoughtless transport of goods around the planet. 

Globalized trolling not only consumes limited resources, but also obscures both the value of items already at hand and our potential to appreciate and salvage the world around us.

As we all know by now: in a world utterly dominated by capitalism, who we give our money to often has more impact than how we vote or assemble.

Giving more thought to where we spend our time and our money meaningfully contributes to the backstory for those things with which we fill our interiors and make concrete our ideas about the world.










Interiors, after all, reflect our relationship with the natural world. 

We look forward to working with clients who value an informed imagination and who consider their interior space an extension of a shared environment in need of serious attention.

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