USM Haller furniture is a modular system that provides the rare opportunity to truly re-imagine home and workplace.

For the last fifty years, USM has delivered a stream of rational solutions utilizing a mostly unchanged, comprehensive program of chrome tubes and steel panels.




Simple building blocks deliver basic shelving and work surfaces in custom sizes that fit the particular needs of any space.  

At the core of this system are internal expansion bolts and chrome connector balls which account for a system that is both flexible and indestructible.






These customized structures support high performance storage options developed by USM to meet it's own exacting standards. 

All components have been designed and fabricated by USM.  Filing mechanisms, metal and glass doors, glass shelving, dividers, drawers-all of these operating mechanisms, combined with varied sized tubes and panels, enable USM to deliver a multitude of configurations and accessories that can be adapted to evolving needs.

No other design deliversthe versatility, elegance, and strength of USM Haller and no other design has sustained it's own development with such success and clarity of vision.


Developed in the early 1960s, USM Haller has become a staple in both contract and residential environments throughout Europe and Japan and now the United States.  Haller's visionary design has withstood the test of time and fostered an unrivaled reputation among architects and professionals.  

Fritz Haller, a Swiss architect, developed the USM modular system of tubes and panels in concert with the industrial and residential buildings that he designed through the end of the 20th century.  

Trained by Gropius, the famed Bauhaus architect and teacher, Haller carried on the Bauhuas commitment to stripping away from design extraneous matter and reducing its forms to their functional beauty.








At Service Brown we have offered USM for the past 30 years.  We are pleased to see a growing audience.  

Clients, fed up with crumbling particle board, collapsing shelves, wasted time and wasted money-never mind the landfill fueled by such choices-they've wondered aloud how such rational furniture could have eluded them for so long. 

"Better late than never," is a common sentiment among clients glad to have finally discovered a system upon which they can build for years to come.












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